The weird and the wonderful

“The weird and the wonderful” exhibition consists of 11 surrealistic pieces inspired in the tiny and intimate universe of the insects. Its structures, its gentle shapes, its luminous shells.

Cristina creates these disturbing compositions through digital manipulation, that moves one to participate in a series of free interpretations, that go hand in hand with a free, agile and amusing, interpretation. A challenge to the usual way that any image should be perceived.

With this “The weird and the wonderful” series, Cristina initiates a new and trendy visual an aesthetic exploration, close to the infant perception of the world that enjoys it freely, not indifferently, without an explanation, or specific words, either.

Limited numbered edition o25.

Fine Art Glicée print & collage
Innova smooth 210 g/m2
By Cristina Hernandez


Barcelona Exhibition
OD Barcelona, C/Aragon 300

Ibiza Exhibition
OD Talamanca, C/Jesús, 28, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears