Rozel & Co

Brand architecture, stationary, websiste look & feel The point at which creativity and entertainment meet technology and business is where Rozel can be found. Rozel & Co as a company are the innovators which connect businesses with technology, commerce and creativity. When I started working with Rozel

MANJA jewellery

Art Direction and E-Commerce  MANJA – A British jewellery brand inspired by the cultural heritage of Madagascan design that spans across five generations. Launched in 2014, MANJA is the literal translation of ‘beauty’ in the native language. The team look towards nature, combining the elements with ideas

MALAFEMMENA | Limoncello

The Di Biase family originate from the beautiful region of Campania in southern Italy. They moved in Mexico City in the 60’s, taking with them the artisanal knowledge of limoncello, inherited from generations past. The Malafemmena limoncello encapsulates the distinctive sweet citrus flavours of the handpicked


UDON is a Noodle Bar & Restaurant chain in Spain. It is based on the concept of casual food that combines the philosophy of fast food, speed and affordable prices with the quality of the raw material and service of traditional cuisine

Annabella Moore

Brand Design & Art Direction Annabella Moore is a London based jewellery brand creating fun and unique handmade silver and gold-plated pieces. Launching with 11 beautiful collections where each individual piece comes with a unique story. Instagram

Index Australia

Brand identity Index Australia is a company that provides financial services, investment & building maintenance based in Melbourne, Australia. I created a visual identity to represent the personality of all three services that the brand offered using the hexagonal shape of a hive to conceptualise the collaborative system of


Brand Design & Art Direction À LA GRANDÉ® is a contemporary swimwear brand born in the bright and sunny days of the Costa Amalfitana, Italy, in 2019. À LA GRANDÉ® wants to be a synonimous of originality and innovative spirity, placing itself into fashion world and a

Sílvia Rodríguez Ben

Dirección creativa, re-diseño de marca, página web, ilustraciones, y sesión de fotos. Sílvia Rodríguez Ben es psicóloga general sanitaria y psicoterapeuta, experta en psicología infanto-juvenil. Con casi 20 años de experiencia en el sector de la salud mental. Además, Sílvia esta especializada en el diagnóstico y


Brand Designer and responsive website design Beshowcased is a self-promotion network with image interaction tools. The user can embed audio, video and rich media links directly in images and share them across the web.

Blanco Projects


Brand Design & Art Direction Jacqueline Blanco is an independent virtual project manager that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs in creative fields like interior design and architecture.