Social justice, equity, and care for people and nature


NGO Illustrations InteRed is an NGO that promotes educational processes that lead to personal and collective change in favor of social justice, equity, and care for people and nature, open to participation and dialogue with groups and people from different countries.  

Mariona Guiu | Visual Storytelling

Mariona Guiu is documentary director and producer across Australia, Spain and South America. As a producer Mariona scope and oversee projects from idea to the screen, often coordinating stakeholders across different countries. A confident director and editor, Mariona create video content for engagement, social media

Shortcut videos

Founder & Art Director Shortcut is a project that uses storytelling and design to create clear messages in the form of videos for the internet. Our videos are designed to help companies to attract investors, promote and explain a product effectively and increase conversion rates. I am the

MALAFEMMENA | Limoncello

The Di Biase family originate from the beautiful region of Campania in southern Italy. They moved in Mexico City in the 60’s, taking with them the artisanal knowledge of limoncello, inherited from generations past. The Malafemmena limoncello encapsulates the distinctive sweet citrus flavours of the handpicked

The weird and the wonderful

"The weird and the wonderful" exhibition consists of 11 surrealistic pieces inspired in the tiny and intimate universe of the insects. Its structures, its gentle shapes, its luminous shells. Cristina creates these disturbing compositions through digital manipulation, that moves one to participate in a series of

Children’s illustrations

Commissioned work: Children's illustrations about psychological disorders and counseling. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Mindfulness for kids Family therapy