Freedom Collection by MANJA

Inspired by African history, MANJA has taken a traditional symbol of freedom from Madagascan heritage and created a unisex collection that is imbued with a poignant sense of historical significance. The design of each piece is based on the emotive Malagasy Vango Vango bracelet, connecting

Su:m 37

Su:m 37, Korea’s first naturally fermented cosmetics brand. Ad Campaign 2015 Art direction and stylist: Cristina Hernández Photographer: Joana Sandrin


Encounter Ad Campaign (proposal) Photographer: Joana Sandrin Gauer Set Designer & Art Director: Cristina Hernández Montero

Parisian Rendezvous

Parisian Rendezvous for Astound Magazine "In the eternal night of underground Paris, anonymous encounters happen, a busy subculture which feeds only on timid, superficial glances and secret touches." Photographer: Margarita Lievano Photography Film: François Xavier Art Director: Cristina Hernández Montero Models: Astrid GTM Models and Anya Gorst Make up: Katrina Appie Hair


Foundation is a reflection on our concept of beauty and the common abuse in the consumption and usage of beauty products. It draws upon our ‘need’ to hide imperfections, our desire to be more beautiful. We literally ‘cover’ ourselves, many times leaving our natural beauty,


Eggcentric represents a contrast between the natural and the artificial, the relationship between the fragile (egg) with aggressive, sharp, corrosive elements. It shows a delicate, precious ‘natural’, contaminated with our eagerness to always own, produce and be ‘more’. Photographer: Joana Sandrin Gauer Art Director & Set Designer:


Photographer: Margarita Lievano Film: Rolfe Klement Model: Lucy Bird Art Director: Cris Hernández Montero Make up: Katrina Appie Hair Stylist: Regina Meessen Stylist: Aisha Paparella Photographer assistant: William Miller   Victim Magazine