Encounter Ad Campaign (proposal) Photographer: Joana Sandrin Gauer Set Designer & Art Director: Cristina Hernández Montero


Foundation is a reflection on our concept of beauty and the common abuse in the consumption and usage of beauty products. It draws upon our ‘need’ to hide imperfections, our desire to be more beautiful. We literally ‘cover’ ourselves, many times leaving our natural beauty,


Eggcentric represents a contrast between the natural and the artificial, the relationship between the fragile (egg) with aggressive, sharp, corrosive elements. It shows a delicate, precious ‘natural’, contaminated with our eagerness to always own, produce and be ‘more’. Photographer: Joana Sandrin Gauer Art Director & Set Designer:

The weird and the wonderful

"The weird and the wonderful" exhibition consists of 11 surrealistic pieces inspired in the tiny and intimate universe of the insects. Its structures, its gentle shapes, its luminous shells. Cristina creates these disturbing compositions through digital manipulation, that moves one to participate in a series of